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Issue #30 photos

Images from #30 - some but not all (order #30 here)
What the hell happened? Well, the printer chalked it up to "miscommunication" and told me everything would be all right, but the fact of the matter is that it is not all right. They were going to half tone a bunch of pages but never did, printing instead something with a higher line screen than what they could tolerate. So that's why stuff like the "Back East" article looks like shit. When I confronted them, they refused to do anything about it; that's what I get for dealing with the cheapest printer possible. Next issue will be on better paper, and much better looking.

Here ya go, enjoy !
You should be able to click these images one after another without closing the previous image. In other words if you leave an image on the screen and click the next one the original should automatically close.

NOTE: If the images do not come up when you select the link, hold your CTRL key down and reselect the link. Holding the CTRL key down will temporarily disable most popup blockers.

Cover - Light! Deathbox! Action! (cody boat)
T-rock, life of the party (4 pages in)

Welcome to Seattle... Now Go Home
Mike Swim, BS Smith in the Butter
Hanchez over the hip
Page 3 - top left photo (max)
Page 3 - top right photo (morris)
Page 3 - bottom photo

Cock Fight - East Timor
Getting ready (not in the zine)
Image 1 (upper right)
Image 2
Image 3

Pool Ride - Nels Grevstad
Nels gets that feeling that only a backyard pool can provide
This is how we do it (mcnair)
Barbra Streisand

Back East
Big pop-o over the bunion at FDR
Budbear and Bela
Frasier's first ever real pool grind
Davey gets a grind on the bricks, in the corner, and over vert
Ricky pivots on an ancient board with G&S trucks, ouch
Budbear hucks up a FS in the Big Apple

Arizona Pools (seperated by page caption)

: A Bountiful Booty
Page 1 - full (jimmy)
X Marks the spot! (colvin)
Skull and cross bones (jimmy)

: Drop Anchor (1st group)
ARRRGH! (mcnair)
Skull and cross bones (Courtney)

: Ahoy Rogues (1st group)
Sequence (roche - after you click this one it will take a bit for it to become fully animated and display in the center of your screen. it could be fixed, but i find it easier to just ask you to wait.)
Bottom left (texas dan)

: Drop Anchor (2nd group)
Upper left (jimmy - this is not actually the photo from the issue but was taken at the same session)
Upper right (cody)
3 skulls (steve)

Yes, yes ... more to come. Check back often.

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